Price Range: From to 500

How to search for a room?

1. Use the filter options to search for a room according to your preferences: Available filter options are property type, location, price range and room size.

Tip: if you receive no or few results, please reduce the number of filters used

2. Use the map to search for a room close to one of our campuses: For further information about a room you can click on it directly on the map.

Tip: if you see a blue circle indicating a number, this means that several rooms are available in this area. Please zoom closer (+/- in the left corner) in order that the single rooms will be displayed.

3 tips to success

1. Start in time – contact several landlords

Maximise your chances of finding a room by starting in time and by contacting several landlords.

2. Be cautious with the deposit outside of into rooms

All rooms in into rooms have been checked by HSB international office. If the landlords ask for a deposit it is for your and their safety: You make sure to get the room and they make sure to have a student that rents it. However, we advise you to be cautious with external accommodation portals as frauds exist, where people demand a deposit without really having a room to rent. Be aware of this possibility and trust your instincts.

3. Ask for a contract

A written contract will give you even more safety and you will have legal validation of the rent agreement.