Frequently Asked Questions

No, on this platform you can search for an accommodation and contact the landlords completely free of charge. This webpage is from the Hochschule Bremen and exclusively accessible by our incoming students.

We recommend to start searching for an accommodation right away after receiving your log in details for intorooms because rooms are always in demand. To be sure to get an accommodation on time you should contact several landlords at once.

No. The process for booking a room is the following: You are searching for a room on intorooms. Once you find a fitting offer, then you can directly contact the landlord via a contact form. The contact form is on the right site of the room offer.

Having personal contact with the landlord is a huge advantage because you get to know each other better and you would be able to ask all the questions you have about your new place to stay.

This is a security payment to the landlord that you get back at the end of the renting period in case there are no major damages. Any severe damages will be paid out of this deposit.

Normally the deposit is one or two monthly rents, which you would have to pay in advance (before arriving) or upon arrival.

For privacy and safety reasons we do not display the exact street number of the room, but you can see the street and district. When you contact the landlords via the contact form and you firmly book the accommodation, the landlordswill inform you about the exact address and how to reach it. Sometimes they even pick you up at the main train station or the airport.

In general, you are signing a renting contract for a limited period of time. In Germany, these types of contracts cannot be cancelled once entered into force. In the individual case it also depends on the landlords if they are willing to let you go and maybe loose the rent for the whole semester. In this case the landlords could also keep your deposit. Please, contact the international office in those cases.

The indicated renting fee includes all standard costs, such as electricity, water, heating and garbage collection. Any additional fees are clearly indicated in the renting contract.

Please, read the announcement properly, there you would be able to find all the necessary information about the room.

Those questions should be clarified with the landlord in advance. Some landlords allow to have overnight guests for an additional fee per night or others might let them stay for free as long as the guest does not stay for a long period of time.

The renting fee depends on the district where the accommodation is located in Bremen, on the equipment of the room, if you can use a bathroom or kitchen alone and have an own entrance or share everything with the landlords.

The renting fee does not include any food or catering prepared by the landlord. You either have to prepare food on your own, eat in the cafeteria or in restaurants and bars. In individual cases you should talk with your potential landlord about the opportunities of cooking together or be catered.

There is no cleaning service included in any renting fee. You should clean your and all the other rooms you would use on your own regularly. Please notice that not every accommodation has the opportunity of using a washing machine. In those cases you can find many launderettes in Bremen.

Please notice that in Germany the trash has to be separated in three categories (Paper, Plastic, Residual waste) which is very important for the sustainability.

Some landladies and landlords are animal-loving and have pets (dog, cat, cavy, rabbit, etc.).

Please clarify in advance if the landlords have pets, if you do not like animals or have any allergic reaction.

A renting contract is legally binding and must be taken seriously with all the named terms and conditions.

Please note that streaming or downloading movies, series or music is against the law in Germany. Therefore, illegal downloading of movies or music is a crime in Germany and will have serious legal consequences for you!

For any further questions please contact the International Office at Hochschule Bremen.